• Renkim has provided us with excellent service at a reasonable price. They go beyond the call of duty to make sure we are pleased with their service.

    Dallas S. Bunton, CEO, IFCCE, MCE
    North American Credit Services
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Capital Recovery Systems chose Renkim after using a handful of other letter vendors. Renkim plays a critical part to our collection strategy; they provide superior service and have helped us improve our inbound calling rates leading to better liquidation rates.

    Craig Klein and Dennis Johnson
    Capital Recovery System
    Columbus, Ohio

  • We have used Renkim for over a decade and during this time they have provided the company with consistent error-free quality on a daily basis. They are always helpful, when needed, and attentive to our team's needs.

    Steven C. Kusic, CEO
    National Recovery Agency
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Renkim got its start by creating secure print and mail solutions for the automotive industry. Since then we have partnered with several automotive clients and enhanced our services to provide industry leading programs and applications that support part order fulfillment and inventory management...


Renkim provides cost-effective print and electronic document delivery services to over 325 collection agencies, debt buyers and attorneys in the United States, Canada, Philippines and India...


Perhaps nowhere else is operational efficiency more critical than when dealing with banking, wealth management and credit card processing...


Healthcare providers are increasingly challenged with growing receivables and reimbursement rates. Renkim addresses this challenge by providing customized print and secure online tools that make it easy for patients to view and manage their accounts while improving cash flow and profitability...


Mitigating risk is a critical concern for all consumers and businesses. At Renkim, our print and e-billing services can dramatically change that landscape, transforming the way our clients interact with their customer base...


Renkim provides a full range of support services to help administer class-action settlements and notice procedures...


As a leader in direct-market fulfillment, Renkim delivers superior service from project launch to completion...


After providing print and electronic mail services to utility companies for the past three decades, Renkim is well versed with everything from gas and electric to water, cable, telecommunications, waste, and property management...

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