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Several years ago, a large, Detroit-based automotive maker needed a sophisticated and secure database to handle vehicle and client information. Two programmers, Gary Perlick and Rob Swearengen, were hired to provide a solution for this complex application. In 1982, after achieving successful outcomes, these same programmers formed Renkim Corporation.

Thirty years later, Renkim stands out as a leader for its ability to handle financial and mission-critical documents for credit, collection, healthcare, insurance, automotive and utility companies located throughout North America.

Industry Leader. Innovative Approach.

At Renkim, we've always been ahead of the curve. Our forward-thinking approach to doing business keeps us at the forefront of the industry. With that in mind, the following timeline identifies some of our noteworthy accomplishments:

1985: First to handle outsource return-mail processing

1996: First to offer house-holding multiple pages in one envelope

1997: Second print and mail firm to be licensed by USPS for Fast-forward/NCOA-18 in the U.S.

2002: Introduced Renkim Mail Track and deployed Self Mailer to the collection industry

2007: Introduced Renkim EZ Letter, the first online letter editing tool

2010: Introduced Renkim eNotice and Renkim UAA

2010: Obtained USPS full-service certification

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