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Black Ink Solutions

For a cost-effective print solution that produces an important message, black ink is a sensible option. Renkim's flexible message communication uses rotating color paper stocks so clients can change their message and improve the read-to-open rate. For messages that require more print space, Renkim offers two-sided printing and legal-size paper to keep mailings compliant and within budget. And, our sales representatives can present a variety of envelope paper stocks. This not only helps with customized messaging, but it is also a great tool for clients.

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  • Paper
    • 8.5 X 11, 24-pound perforated and non-perforated
    • 8.5 X 14, 24-pound legal paper
    • Multiple colors, including orange, blue, red, green and yellow, and various medical/insurance backers.
  • Envelopes
    • #10 outer options: double window security shaded, double window brown craft, single window security shaded with custom client return address options, and custom #10 options
    • #9 return envelope options: customer reply and business reply envelopes, and custom #9 options 6 X 9 envelope options: double window and single window with custom return address options (perfect for tax-season mailers)
    • 9 X 12 envelopes
  • Self-Mailers
    • Bi-fold and tri-fold 28-pound with black and white
    • Highlight blue/red and full-color options
  • Postcards
    • Standard option: 4.25 X 5.5 and 4 X 6 card stock 67-pound
    • Custom options are available
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