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Renkim Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

The popularity of electronic bill presentment and payment continues to grow as clients recognize the benefits of self-service in a safe, secure PCI-DSS Level 1 environment. At Renkim, we built our EBPP system with the same technology used by some of the world's leading financial institutions. As a result, we have developed cost-effective online portals for clients in the healthcare, utility, telecommunications, cable, insurance, mortgage, and lease/loan industries. Today, they are using these tools to deliver transactional statements via a secure PCI-DSS process. Renkim EBPP clients can also use customized landing pages to deliver messages, renewals, incentives and upcoming events in a cost-effective manner.

We believe that EBPP begins with the adoption process and the ability to successfully communicate the many benefits. Our clients transmit this message with a "go green" initiative on the outside of their envelopes; via marketing inserts, both with and without incentives to convert to Renkim EBPP and Renkim eNotice; and with survey boards that allow for opt-in service.

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