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Mail Solutions

At Renkim, our state-of-the-art mail services are second to none. To mitigate risk, we use insertion equipment, equipped with photo eye and file-based integrity. Our monthly insertion capacity of 50 million, coupled with mailing operations that run 6 ½ days a week, 360 days of the year, makes us the preferred choice for the delivery of mission-critical documents. Our certified maintenance staff works 24 hours a day to reduce down-time and to ensure that our equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

As one of the only companies to do in-house USPS presorting, we are able to control our clients' mail from data receipt through mail sort. It's important to also note that Renkim is a USPS detailed mail facility staffed by USPS personnel. At Renkim, we produce noteworthy results: on-time, error-free delivery you can trust. In the end, Renkim is accountable for every piece of mail, from point of receipt through the entire print and insertion process.

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