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Renkim eNotice

Renkim was one of the first companies to bring the eNotice product to market for the collection industry, allowing for the delivery of secure, password-protected messages and direct communication to the customer. Our eNotice product is adaptable and compliant and used by a wide variety of clients to deliver subtle, cost-effective messages. Each eNotice is branded, and all message delivery is compliant. Our e-mail servers are white-listed with major ISPs and spam-compliant for better delivery and response rates.

It is critical that third-party collectors discuss their intent to deliver electronic messages with their clients and with their MAP attorney. It is equally important to obtain the following information when communicating with a debtor: obtain consent, record the call, and request a personal e-mail address.

From collection notices to invoices, our eNotice electronic delivery methods can also be viewed on a smart phone or traditional desktop computer. Renkim adapts to the user's technology, and all eNotices are delivered in a professional and legally-compliant manner.

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